Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift!

mothers day gift

Sunday is Mother’s Day!


The day to remind all our mothers how grateful we are for the hours they spend in labor and the years they spend in agony raising us. It’s also a holiday that goes underrated, usually with a card and maybe some flowers. So here’s an easy (and affordable) way you can make your mom feel special! Even if you forget and wait until Saturday! This took me two errands, one for supplies and one for the gift certificates. And like 5 minutes to put it together.


Here’s what you’ll need:

gift bag

tissue paper

ribbon (optional)

reusable tumbler

candy (try to get your mom’s favorite, obvi)

a gift card or certificate to anywhere you choose


mothers day gift


mothers day gift
Is there anyone on this planet that doesn’t like Reese’s?!


I originally wanted to get our mom’s a gift card to Paradise Bakery, but not only did that turn out to be a hard thing to find, the one by our house closed down, so going there was going to be more of a chore than a treat.


I eventually decided on a local bakery here called Sweet Cakes. It has everything from sugar cookies to “Kitchen Sink” brownies. Yes, that’s a brownie where they pretty much throw everything delicious into and onto it, except the kitchen sink.


mothers day gift


I wrote out the certificates, and even got the girls to give me punch cards with the first item punched on it. and placed them in the cups so you could see them from the outside. I then took a bag of candy split it in half and shoved it into the cups. Screwed the lid on and boom. Done. Now for some strange reason I just happened to have ribbon that matched both cups. But if you don’t have ribbon or regularly use ribbon, putting these in a gift bag is wrapping enough.


mothers day gift

But since I had some, I made the cups pretty! That’s it! It’s done and it’s super cute and I’m super excited to give them to our moms!


mothers day gift
Yes. I switched the straws. I thought it looked cute that way. Both Jude and Mr. W are bothered by it.


Then you just put them into their gift bags, top with a little tissue paper and drop the mic.


mothers day gift


Honestly, these are awesome gifts, especially with Summer coming. Reusable cups for everyone!


Here’s a little tip. I never buy Mother’s Day cards. They’re like 5 bucks each and I think it’s more about the message YOU have to write in it than what someone from Hallmark had to say. I always go straight for the .47 and .97 Thank you cards. I mean isn’t that the whole point? We’re thanking them for continuously putting up with us! This is especially great if you’ve waited until the last minute, and all that you can find are Mother’s Day cards in Spanish! I found two super cute cards for a dollar each!!


I am genuinely excited about this Mother’s Day and our awesome yummy gifts!


Have a great Mother’s Day!


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